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Star by Star. Dark Journey. The Apprentice. Rebel Dream. Rebel Stand. Destiny's Way. Equals and Opposites.

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Or Die Trying. The Final Prophecy. The Unifying Force. The Joiner King. The Unseen Queen.

But in the presence of Shimrra, her mind could not tolerate doubt. It was crushed from her by a presence so powerful it could not have mortal origin.

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It pressed away the years of her learning, of studied cynicism, of anything resembling logic, and left her an insignificant insect, a crecheling terrified by the shadows of her elders and the terrible mystery that was the world. Afterward, she always wondered how he did it. Was it some modification of yammosk technology? Something erased from the protocols entirely? Or was it an invention of some heretical predecessor of herself?

He was shadow and dread, awesome and unreachable. She crouched at his feet and was nothing. Onimi leered almost gently at her as she rose, shaking, to speak to her master. Tell me what you have discovered thus far. Its engines are like the infidel engines, dead metal. But—" "Then it is an infidel thing!

Ylesia by Walter Jon Williams

To contradict Shimrra— She drew her strength back to her core. And yet, at its heart the biotechnology is similar to our own. The in- I fidel engines, for instance, could be withdrawn and replaced I with dovin basals. The living structure of one of our own I vessels could have such a ship grown around it. This biotechnology is compatible with our own. The hull is not yorik coral. I The architectures of our ships were derived from various I creatures of the homeworld, and those structures can still I be recognized in their design. The alien technology is different. It begins with relatively undifferentiated organisms that specialize as the ship grows.

I suspect that some sort of ; manipulation is involved in the ontological process to guide [ the final outcome.

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And that is the most unlikely level at which we should expect to find resemblance. Could the infidels have stolen our technology and distorted it? But according to the qahsa, the planet of its origin is itself a living organism—" "That is a lie," Shimrra said. Ekh'm Val was deluded. He was duped by the infidels. Instead, she took another approach. It is both alien and similar to our own.

Then his voice came again, leashed terror. Just different. And you can develop weapons against it? Indeed, Lord, there are already weapons in the protocols that would be most effective against technology of this sort. Oddly, they are weapons we have never built or had use for. You will assign a team to develop these weapons immediately. And you will continue to study the ship. The planet was destroyed. You have all that remains.

You would have been sacrificed to the gods if I had not had you brought here. I would die for that. The phenotype is radically different, but the genotype is similar. More similar than anything in this galaxy thus far. And the protocols have in them certain weapons that seem designed peculiarly well to deal with it. Shimrra claims the gods must have anticipated our need.

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What do you think? They have not 'anticipated' anything else in this galaxy. Why should they anticipate this? The Jeedai, for instance. And yet there is nothing in the protocols that even hints of them. Then what explanation do you offer? We battled against it, and the weapons from that battle remain in the Qang qahsa. The younger shaper was narrower in every dimension than Nen Yim, and her blue-gray flesh had an opalescent sheen about it. Her attentive eyes were a rare shade of bronze. Her master's hand was very new, but they were peers. The other master considered this quietly for a moment.

The fine silver tendrils of lim trees groped feebly about the room in search of sustenance.

Plants from the homeworld with no obvious use, Nen Yim had resurrected them from genetic patterns in the Qang qahsa. They pleased her. And yet, often the protocols were not suitable. Some of us—did what was necessary. The strange itching plague—well. The masters there were very orthodox. I saw the shortcomings of that. At the same time, I saw evidence of the infidels' ability to adapt, to change their abominable technology not just in small ways, but in large ones. I determined that in time, because of this, they must ultimately triumph unless we did the same.

So I practiced heresy. More recent events have been elided. Have you ever tried to learn of Shimrra's ascension to Supreme Overlord? But why erase knowledge of a threat? Shall I tell you a tale? He was sent years ago to explore the galaxy. He came across a planet named Zonama Sekot. This means something to you? Not as we do. And the sentient race there is nothing like Yuuzhan Vong—indeed, from the records, I think they must be a race native to this galaxyFerroans.

Our ancestors can hardly have met this world before. And yet, at the same time, it seems the only possible answer to the puzzle.

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I've been asked to create weapons that might affect it. Why should I do that if the danger has passed?

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  4. Perhaps he merely fears. If we have the key to attacking their biotechnology, perhaps they have the key to ours as well. Ekh'm Val was defeated, after all. A glorious victory or an ignominious defeat? Then she leveled her liquid gaze directly at Nen Yim. Have connections that I do not.