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Start strong. As I show in previous research , successful entrepreneurs pick their founding partners with precision. They search for people with complementary knowledge to harness the power of diversity. But they simultaneously focus on alignment of values to harness the power of unity. Manage growth.

Some organizations start small with single founders. Cost disadvantages often emerge with growth, but diseconomies of scale cannot be addressed simply by bringing on more leaders. Finding partners with complementary knowledge and aligned values remains key, regardless of when new leaders join the team. Anticipate conflict. Smart people with similar values often disagree. Stable leadership teams anticipate conflict and figure out how to resolve differences in ethical and strategic ways.

The process is not easy, but they make it a priority because they understand the stakes. Stable shared leadership stems not from the absence of conflict, but from the ability to repair and recover quickly and effectively.

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Counsel together. The goal of shared leadership is not to divide and conquer — with subject matter experts staying in their swim lanes — but to achieve stability while working together and learning from each other. Today, as organizations moved to flatter and more matrixed structures, leaders need to start delegating more aspects of their traditional roles to their team members, including the ability to give each other feedback.

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Most leaders underestimate their ability to drive a culture of shared expectations around performance within their teams. Too many leaders think of corporate culture as owned by the top of the house when, in fact, every team has a culture that is created, in large part, by what each team leader tolerates and demands. To shift the culture of your team to be drama-free, start by getting everyone on the team to agree to a set of working methods. First, create a shared vision for your team. What does the team want to be known for?

What will be your legacy? What will people be saying about this team? Draft a simple, clear statement that captures the essence of your team vision.

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Use this input to develop a final list of four to six key behaviors that will help drive the team forward. Here are three ways to do that:. Notice how positive these feedback statements are? This process is about moving forward, not dredging up the bad behaviors of the past. Emotional drama at work comes in many forms.

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As leaders, we need to recognize where our internal drama is affecting our work and, at the same time, guide our team to dial down the drama so that we can all be happier, more productive and drama-free in the workplace. Stay up to date on the latest articles, webinars and resources for learning and development.

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If drama is sucking up too much of your life at work, here are two ways you can dial it down. In answer to this question, Patricia Pitcher identifies three types of leaders: Artists, who are people-oriented, open-minded, intuitive, and visionary; Craftsmen, to whom the adjectives "humane," "dedicated," and "wise" best apply; and Technocrats - brilliant and well-schooled in the latest theory, they are detail-oriented, rigid, methodical, self-centered, and, when left in control, pose a serious threat to corporate competitiveness. The power struggles between these types are dramas being played out in companies everywhere.

Whether the story has a happy or an unhappy ending depends entirely upon which type gets top billing.

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The author also offers her wise recommendations on what companies can do to protect themselves against a technocratic hegemony and how to cultivate the talents of Artists and Craftsmen. She also tells you how to determine what type of leader you are and how to interact with other types to achieve both personal and corporate success. The Drama of Leadership is an articulate, insightful, passionate appeal to develop the kind of leaders and organizations that can take us into the twenty-first century.

Before becoming an academic, she was chief economist at the Toronto Stock Exchange, senior vice president of a national small business organization, and has served on many boards of directors.

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