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My goal is to speak a "neutral American English" like it is spoken in, say, Michigan. Yes, the guy at the gas station in South Carolina will realize that I am not from around here.

But he shouldn't realize that I grew up somewhere outside of America. Now, how did YOU get rid of your accent? Hallo palmetto, schau mal hier: get rid of german accent. Practice, practice, practice Helped a lot and I started at an early age too. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with the ability to learn languages. I speak 4 languages and I seem to have an easy time getting the feeling for a language, especially when I like the language as much as I like the american! Well, that is awesome, that someone who speaks four languages still likes American English best!

Most people who, for example, know French pretty good, don't think too good of American English, they see it as a bad accent. One of them is my sister.

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For me, I'm NOT good in learning languages in general, it's a pity that American English is still denied the status of a real and independant language by some people, 'cause that's what it is! I love it, and I love a Southern accent as much as I do a black accent. It's fun to me, to listen to American movies and TV shows, and if there's a movie which is hard to understand for non-Americans like "The Klumps" it's a real pleasure of mine to try as hard as I can to follow the words spoken there.

It works! His pronounciation is so proper, it's real eazy to learn it that way!

Why has Henry Kissinger still got such a thick German accent?

They are used to their British accents and can't switch over to American. Hi, french is my "weakest" language and that only because I never liked it as much as american english. In school I had a hard time because a huge amount of teachers were educated in oxford and they didnt accept anything besides british english. So, if you had the slightest american english accent you failed! I hated it but made a big deal out of keeping my way of speaking english because thats what I learned from my family. A lot of family members spent many years in the usa so i learned to speak english the way they do!

There are two aspects of this. Two is that I think the vowel in British English comes out without rounding. The lips have to round to make the German sound properly. Thank you!

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Tip 1: Practice, Practice, Practice

Pay attention to your lips! Like this: Like Loading Previous Lose your accent!

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