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On Feb. The film features interviews with several Jewish figures in boxing, including the late Edward Gersh, who became the first Jewish heavyweight boxing champion at the Golden Gloves tournament, and Cletus Seldin, an up-and-coming and undefeated super lightweight boxer known as the Hebrew Hammer. Nussbaum has been a producer for Good Morning America, Fox News, and Comcast while running a small production company called Galileo Productions, which he said he started at Emerson.

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Nussbaum said his interest in Jewish boxing started with his grandfather. They came up from absolutely nothing. Poverty is the common factor that they all came from. About a dozen people were present at the screening. Junior Serena Kassow, the president of Emerson Hillel, said that the group, which is recognized by the Student Government Association, hosts events four to five times a month, including celebrations of Jewish high holidays, cooking demonstrations, and discussions on religious and political issues. Kassow, a performing arts major, said that she enjoys how welcoming Hillel is, especially in a school where many clubs are very selective.

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Impact consists of interviews intercut with historic boxing footage, along with clips shot on site at a boxing gym. Nussbaum, who directed and produced the film, said that he is a student of direct cinema, a style that emphasizes an honest and unchanged portrayal of reality. Jews were considered very well established because of their wit in the ring, they boxed very smart as opposed to using power and might. I've experienced and repaired a detached retina injury along the way that ironically is similar to what many boxers suffer in the ring.

The project and my eye have survived. This has been three years in the making Those of you who are in Morris County local area, look out for it. We of course will schedule select screenings of the project as the premiere draws closer. Thank you to everyone for all of your support.

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The Film. Jewish Boxer--Ron Lipton.

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If the album does not show, please refresh the page to try again. Just announced:. This February 25th, Wednesday at PM Hope to see you on the Common this February. Dmytro was a competent counterpuncher who amazingly withstood Lazarev's sustained body assault. Kostenko landed some nice left hooks to the head in the second round.

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He connected with some straight rights in the fourth. He was feeling so good, he taunted Lazarev in the fifth. Lazarev didn't take kindly to the taunts, and after taking some more body shots Kostenko soon spit out the mouthpiece to buy some time. The Ukrainian lost his mouthpiece twice more, in the sixth and in the eighth, and both times he absorbed body blows. Referee Vadym Lavrenets probably should have been more proactive in curtaining Kostenko's mouthpiece spitting.

Make no mistake though, Lazarev wont he first five rounds handily with pressure, body punches, and a sprinkle of counters for good measure. This was the first time Lazarev has seen the seventh round in his career and he did get touched more in the sixth and seventh, but he finished strong. He may well have been the first fighter to stop Kostenko had the veteran not intentionally lost his mouthpiece those three times. Lazarev improves to with two KOs after the judges scored the bout , , and in his favor. Kostenko is with all of his fights going the distance.

He defeated another debuting fighter, Stanislav Davydenko a 23 year old from Ukraine. Kapuler, a southpaw, took control of center ring from the outset. Davydenko was defensive-minded even though the fight started slowly. Midway through the round, Kapuler landed some hard lefts to the body. A bit later, he landed a perfect straight left to the body.

Davydenko folded and stayed down for the ten count. Kapuler is now with one KO and Davydenko is In the first two rounds, Ghilas, a 29 year old from Moldova, looked like an angry pedestrian chasing a speeding car that just swiped him.

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He hopelessly followed Shalom, who landed head-snapping shots from the outside with impressive speed and got out of harm's way just as fast. Shalom, who hadn't fought in a professional boxing match in nearly two years, slowed a bit in the third.

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He was still too fast for Ghilas who only managed to touch Shalom's gloves on occasion. Shalom switched to southpaw for a bit in the stanza and landed eye-catching lead lefts from range. Shalom attacked to start the fourth but quickly reverted to his typical style of stick-and-moving. Ghilas, who was badly outclassed in the first three rounds, did have moments of true success in the final round, but he paid the price.

Shalom had landed countless punches that staggered Ghilas all fight and in the last period, the Moldovan's was hit cleanly so many times, he looked like a bobblehead doll. Shalom's speed and boxing ability were impressive, but he could have followed up his stagger-inducing shots and perhaps earned a knockout. He always chose to box instead. He also circled to his left, directly into an orthodox fighter's strong hand.

Against this particular opponent, it didn't matter, but it might be a different story against a better foe. Notably, Shalom weighed in as a featherweight while Ghilas was a lightweight.