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In that respect, the essay challenged the prevailing philosophy of Cartesian dualism , which drew a stark division between mind and body. It is impossible to separate thought from matter that thinks.

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As subsistence moved beyond basic foraging, so too did hominids' methods of collaboration and need for mutual support. Concomitantly, the hominids underwent a process of adaptation encompassing a change in their diets that allowed them to inhabit new environments. Fishing and hunting with the assistance of crafted tools were an essential part of this process, because, although often time-consuming, they provided a rich source of protein that helped nourish their bodies and their physical brains.

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Engels suggests that the subsequent major developments following from the development of the meat diet were the control of fire, and the domestication of animals. Along with trade and industry, art and science finally appeared.

Anteil Der Arbeit an Der Menschwerdung Des Affen by Engels Friedrich

Tribes developed into nations and states. Engels asserts that humans have thus become distinguished from animals by their ability to manipulate nature in manifold and dynamic ways, as opposed to fitting into a singular ecological niche. For each such victory nature takes its revenge on us.

In his attempt to furnish such an explanation, Engels implies that it was the complex thought engendered by manual labour and verbal language that spurred the development of our brains. Moreover they have acquired the capacity for feelings such as affection for man, gratitude, etc. Anyone who has had much to do with such animals will hardly be able to escape the conviction that in many cases they now feel their inability to speak as a defect, although, unfortunately, it is one that can no longer be remedied because their vocal organs are too specialized in a definite direction.

The process of cognitive development described by Engels is today known as gene-culture coevolution or the dual inheritance theory , and is widely accepted among biologists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on Marxism Theoretical works.


Origo In this section you will find poetry , fiction, non-fiction and miscellaneous texts or images, mostly classics or other historically or culturally interesting documents. The story that inspired Steve Dorner to name his e-mail program "Eudora".

Dialektik Der Natur

Rilke's remarkable text from about the phonograph and the possibility of playing things that have never been recorded GER. Overview "Ruskin on Turner" with paintings.

A small exhibition of 19 cartoons and other drawings by a famous Swedish absurdist pioneer within comics. A virtual museum with a collection of 31 documents, letters and prescriptions, as facsimiles. The documents are in Swedish, with short summaries in English.